Mayhew’s monte, double deck deal make great day for card lovers

December 8th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

From a three-card monte routine to a can’t-miss promo, today is a good day for card magic lovers.

Fade is a brilliant expansion of the three-card monte plot. Find the lady? Good luck. In Chris Mayhew’s version, you’ll lose track of the queen, the spot cards, even the whole deck. Mayhew’s Fade uses no false throws, shifty switches or fast flinging. In fact, all he’s doing is raising and lowering the deck. And with more kickers than a Jackie Chan movie, Fade throws in surprise after dizzying surprise.

Fade will pack your arsenal with a great routine good for all kinds of street situations. In the process, you’ll learn two new sleights and get some leads on paths to further your card magic research.

Download Fade, and throw some extra cards in your order. You’ll want to stock up now, because until midnight Saturday, we’ll double-down your LTD decks. If you spend $150 on an order with shippable merchandies, you’ll get two LTD decks instead of one. These decks have become one of the most talked-about collectibles this year, and you have a chance to snag two of them.

This offer expires at midnight Saturday (U.S. Eastern), so don’t miss out. Stock up on Artifice Second Edition decks, in both colors. You’ll find they work perfectly for Fade.

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