Marked Dealers marked a new era for this card-reading utility

February 2nd, 2015 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Madison Dealers, especially the first Erdnase Green version, are filled with advantages for the skilled card handler. The full-bleed back is reminiscent of the Bee decks long favored by sharps. The stock, discovered and tested by Daniel Madison at great lengths, is one of the finest we’ve found and provides superior strength and handling. And the shade of green is exactly the same as the first edition of S.W. Erdnase’s bible of card handling, “The Expert at the Card Table.”

But the biggest advantage is hidden in plain sight.

Dealers are marked, after all. Each card back clearly identifies what’s on the other side, as long as the secret markings are understood by the handler. It’s a TREMENDOUS advantage, whether the sharp is at a high-stakes, back-room table or in front of an audience.

But the Madison Dealers started something at Ellusionist. Consider these points about the marking system:

  • • It’s something that DM wanted for the price of a regular deck of cards. Before the Dealers, a working set of marked cards could cost $20 to $30, or even more. Handmade decks might have flaws that threatened the deception of the utility. But having a marked deck emerge for the price of a regular custom deck is, quite simply, a game changer.
  • • The philosophy is so powerful that it has been included in other decks. The Kings featured a new, unique marking system, and the 1800 Vintage decks were redesigned to include a marking system. In other words,
  • • The system behind the Dealers remains one of the strongest on the market, because of its minimal alterations. Consider a marked deck one would obtain from a big-box retail store. Those usually have a back that features obvious clock designs, with one “wheel” for suits and another for values. That means there are 15 to 17 points where alterations may be made. Alterations to regular Rider backs reduce that number of points to 9 or 10. But the Dealers have only six alteration points, and those points are small. And the back’s repeated use of the small dots make the alteration spots even more difficult to detect. That means the Dealers can withstand the scrutiny of more savvy laymen.

The Dealers mark a new age for marked cards. Use them wisely — these incredible cards give you much more than just a step ahead.

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