Magic’s power to create memories demonstrated with tragedy’s anniversary

September 14th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

On the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, Ellusionist forum user Flyspazz recounted a story of a friend whom he watched suffered close, personal losses on that terrible morning. They work together for three years, then go their separate ways.

Four years later, he sees the friend again. Here’s what happened, according to his story posted in the Ellusionist forums:

I hadn’t seen Steve in four years and we had been through the ringer together. Yet the first thing he asks me is whether I am still doing magic, and to show his friends something.

Flyspazz’s point is about the power of magic to create memories that people cherish and treasure. He challenges readers to look at their own magic and how it affects their own spectators.

Can a good magic performance make people forget about a tragedy? Probably not. But it can help people escape from hideous realities of life, if only for a little bit. Except in Flyspazz’s case, a little bit might be four years.

Flyspazz’s story earns him the Forum Post of the Week. And, since the subject has come up, we send our belated thoughts and prayers to everyone who was affected by the acts of that day.


  1. If only more people knew the reason for this “art” we call “magic.” It’s not to show that you can “sleight” a rabbit out of a hat, It’s to guide spectators through a mysterious puzzle that holds all of our interests even if only for a short while. And we do this all for the love of the game.