Magicians dish advice on mentalism, creativity

June 7th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

We love it when magicians take the time to write about their art, and how we can use their experiences to make ourselves better. Consider these guys controlled to the top:

  • Rich Ferguson, creator of Tagged and the upcoming Serial Biller, wrote about the different types of magicians and urges you to consider which one you are. There’s more than one type of musician, after all… read on to find out which field he considers the highest form of magical arts.
  • Stuart Cumberland, who is a proven thought-provoker, ups the ante with his post about the difference between being a “mind magician” and a mentalist. He includes a very necessary, “brutal blast of truth” and the simplest way to find out which one you are.
  • Aaron Fisher, creator of Search and Destroy featuring the Nowhere Pass, has been a podcasting freak lately. He’s published interviews about the pass, Erdnase, Search and Destroy and developing creativity. They are VERY worth your time; you should consider them required listening. We’re going to have to get Fisher in here for something WE’RE working on…
  • Every once in a while, we see people on the forums mention jugglers, and why magicians don’t want to be like them. Bizzaro, the master of demented magic, posted an outstanding reminder about how jugglers pwn magicians. Talk about a needed shot in the arm.

Hail these magic geniuses, and praise their names in the comments below.

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