Magician uses skills to get thieves arrested; other handy things we do

August 9th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

David Alnwick is the MAN. Dude used magic to get some thieves arrested. He recognized some thieves while performing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, called the cops then stalled one of them for five minutes by performing for them. Kirsty Topping, of the Daily Record, has the full report. Our favorite part was when Alnwick said this:

“I have to confess I took great pleasure in asking him ‘Is this your card?’ at the precise moment he was ushered into the back of a police car.”

Stones, he’s got. The story got us thinking about other things a magician’s abilities could do if put to the test:

Catch liars: We can instantly think of three TV shows based around this very concept. But, you know the old saying — you can’t BS a BSer. Magicians are familiar with how people react when they lie, so spotting them isn’t too difficult for us. That makes us very handy when dealing with salesmen, government officials and other magicians.

Think on our feet: Tricks go wrong, and we have to recover. Some crashes are less painful than others, yet our audience has no idea we goofed (we hope.) That comes in very handy for way too many situations to name, but one of the most practical applications would be negotiating awkward social situations.

Learn anything: So, it might not happen as quickly as Neo learns jujitsu, but magicians are pretty good at hitting the books and putting knowledge into practice. That makes us incredibly valuable around the workplace, for one.

Plan the perfect date: If magicians can plan out a full routine on a stage, or pack their gear in their pockets so well they can handle a strolling gig, how easy is it to plan the perfect night out for a special someone? Way too easy. Picking the right restaurant, planning the right things to say and charming her is like breathing to magicians. And if anything goes wrong, read the second bullet point again.

What do you think we missed in this list?


  1. Coming up with and planning out surprise parties/proposals/etc. Give us time and we can make almost anything happen. For my girlfriend’s birthday, for example, I arranged to ‘teleport’ across the country. I also arranged two separate parties (one a surprise, one not) from 2.5K miles away, when I only knew one of her friends.

    We’re patient and we come from left field with something no one expects.

  2. Nancy L Dahl on:

    I’m only just getting started rather later in life than most. I picked up a dual pack of Bikes from the impulse-buy section in line at the local Wally because they were cheap. It occurred to me that it would be a good way to develop manual dexterity when a musical instrument isn’t available or appropriate, (you’d be surprised how many ugly looks happen when an instrument is produced before even a note is played. And even if it’s tolerated, don’t you DARE begin to sing an actual SONG!)

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