Magician tackles life without sight

October 14th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Let’s call this “Stunt Week” on the Ellusionist blog. I have news about a few magicians who, instead of performing magic tricks, are preparing for some significant stunts. We’ll start out with a Long Island magician who has decided to go without sight for a week in order to experience blindness.

Corey Martin donned on Friday a pair of blacked-out goggles and is midway through the weeklong experiment. Getting the idea from a sensory and perception psychology class, he decided to try to lead his normal life, only without his vision. His girlfriend, Elizabeth Ayres, is helping him out by guiding him and taking dictation for a blog that Martin is keeping.

Do us a favor: Because Corey can’t read right now, can someone tell him that we said good luck, and that he’s almost done, so keep pushing?


  1. that is not amazing, in the less bit, because here in a class of psychology 5 persons lived one week blind and also some people lived the same time without walking and live in a wheelchair…hell, my brother went 2 weeks without talking because he wanted to try it

    is just stupid to make such a hip because of this, countless people do this stunt and just because he is a magician doesn´t mean this is better