When the real estate market crashed, magic had his back

September 16th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Keith “The Magic Man” Fleming has a reputation around Dade City, Fla. People he performed for 15 years ago still remember him. He has a few regular gigs around Dade City, including a couple of restaurants.

Why should you care?

Because he’s been learning magic for a long time, and it was there for him when the real estate market crashed. In fact, magic has been there for Fleming for a number of things.

Fleming, 58, is also a condo Realtor. Or, he was until 2009 when the market crashed, and he lost everything, according to this story in the Tampa Bay Times. The crash caused him to aggressively expand and market his act, to make ends meet.

Magic has been with him since a childhood love developed into something he learned during military days. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the final years of the Vietnam War. During his service, a childhood habit of stuttering resurfaced. But while stationed in San Diego, he bumped into a magician/bartender named Joe Mystic.

“Joe took me under his wing and gave me card lessons. I was basically self-taught. But it was Joe who tailored my style to accommodate a crowd.”


The story reveals some great practice advice and insight, and also reports that the magic act is also helping to expand his contact base.

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