Magic plays role in stage version of “CSI”

March 2nd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General
Photo courtesy The Boston Globe

Photo courtesy The Boston Globe

The spinoffs know no bounds.

A side publication of The Boston Globe offered this report about “CSI: Live” and its story. The spinoff was created by Mad Science as an educational and entertaining production for kids.

At a seemingly ordinary magic show, something goes terribly wrong, there’s a scream, and the magician’s assistant is unconscious, the apparent victim of some foul play. Suddenly, the theme music for CBS’s popular “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” TV show kicks in, and the audience enters the world of forensic science to solve the mystery.

The audience starts out watching a magic show, then when the assistant is found and carted off the stage into an ambulance, the audience members become key witnesses for the investigation. The show’s producers worked with producers of CSI — Gil Grissom even makes an appearance — to make sure the show was authentic but not too gory. Kids are eventually brought up on stage as part of the show.

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