Magic museum an homage to deceased son

June 7th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General
Photo courtesy Winnipeg Free Press

Photo courtesy Winnipeg Free Press

Gordon and Marilyn Horman maintain a unique magic museum in western Canada. Dedicated to their son, Philip, who died from cancer in 1986, the museum features all of his magical implements. It was the best way to honor his wishes, according to this report in the Winnipeg Free Press:

When Philip, the Hornans’ youngest of four sons, was dying of cancer, he wrote a letter with the instruction that it only be opened after his death. He even sealed the envelope with Scotch Tape and wrote across the tape in such a way that he would know if anyone opened it. The envelope contained individual notes to family members and other loved ones, telling them what made them special in Philip’s eyes. There was also a request for Mom and Dad: Don’t throw out his magic stuff!

The Hornans went a step further and converted an old church into Philip’s Magic Paradise. According to reporter Bill Redekop, that’s not the news — the museum opened 18 years ago. The news is that they have kept it going, kept it exciting and expanded the collection. You can even find a showcase display from Doug Henning.

Two words: Road trip.


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