Magic helps lawyer see through cons, trickery, deception of Sin City

March 21st, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Maybe we missed an important career field in our recent post about which careers mesh with magic perfectly: Lawyer. That’s the sense we get after reading a report about a Las Vegas attorney’s new book.

When Rick Lax wrote his first book about his law school adventures, it got a lot of favorable, glowing reviews from magicians, writes Ellen Sterling of the Huffington Post. Including Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette. His second book continues the theme by living the dream in Las Vegas and diving into hoodwinks, headtrips and other more hedonistic hustles.

“Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners, and how NOT to Get Screwed in Vegas” is a study of magic’s mecca and its seedy underbelly. He dives into the parts that don’t exactly get shown on CSI — the parts that include, well, we’ll say the non-magical uses of our art. For his research, he went to those who praised him so floridly for book No. 1.

“Lax sought out the community of magicians, sharply aware of the irony of the fact that as a magician he’s ‘learned how to deceive people in the context of magic and I like writing stories that have a deceptive angle, that have hypocrisy.'”

Catch that part about how he used to be a magician?

Part of his first book, “Lawyer Boy: A Case Study on Growing Up,” reveals that he entered law school after giving up his dream of becoming a magician. In case you don’t exactly see the correlation, we’ll let Jillette spell it out in his review of that book:

“Rick Lax is really funny and uses his background in magic to see through the bull**** and hypocrisy that make up the law school experience. I’m really glad he’s getting the law degree so he has a job other than magic — we don’t need this kind of competition.”

The book is available virtually everywhere, including many of your favorite online retailers. Looks like this one is getting added to an already large must-read pile.


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