Magic festival closes with street sweep

August 7th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

A Colon, Mich. magic festival is in full swing and the best is yet to come. But the best thing may be a cleanup after the festival’s last day.

One of the features of the last day of Abbott’s Magic Get-Together is a street sweep. Apparently, magicians have a lot of fun with torn-and-restored magic tricks during the events:

Mary Weaver said the number of playing cards that end up tossed to the ground by magicians performing tricks around town on the last day of the celebration caused a minor controversy in 2008, as some people likened the discarded props to litter. “We figured let’s get past the negative, make a fun event out of it, invite people to bring their brooms, leaf blowers and dust pans and just take care of things right away,” Weaver said.

The village is providing a police escort and trash receptacles for volunteers.


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