Magic and fortune telling collide: 1800 Vintage playing cards get great review from tarot reader

December 23rd, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

We get so wrapped up in all of our sleight of hand, gimmicks and gaffs that sometimes we forget about all the other uses for playing cards.

Because we have ALL KINDS of decks of playing cards in our collection (including some tarot decks), this link stood out to us. It’s Tarot Dame explaining a system of reading playing cards according to some system of geomancy that is really way over our heads. But she’s using a deck of blue 1800 Vintage playing cards to do it. Diving deeper into her blog revealed her review of the cards:

Today I’m using the most kick-ass playing card deck ever created (for lack of a more eloquent but fitting term.) The Bicycle 1800 Vintage Series by Ellusionist is a deck designed to look aged… cracked, faded, stained and worn. The detailing is amazing, and the deck is just gorgeous. It immediately became my favorite playing card deck, and it’s the only one I’ve been using since I got it last week.

We appreciate her review, and we’re thinking about a trade: If she shows us some mysteries of tarot, we’ll show her some mysteries of Erdnase. Is that fair?


  1. yeah, its fair 😉

  2. We concentrate so much on magic, that we forget that people come up with other uses for our cards. Magic meets magic:

  3. Only if you change it from Erdnase to Shapeshifter.

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