Luxor boss believes in ‘Believe’

October 27th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel
Photo courtesy TVT

Photo courtesy TVT

Last time we mentioned Criss Angel and his Vegas show “Believe,” things were in turmoil: The previews got bad reviews from early audiences, and there seemed to be creative differences between Angel and the Cirque du Soleil folks. Now that the show is three days away from opening, Luxor president Felix Rappaport (pictured above, right) is throwing his support behind the show.

As reported on, Las Vegas blogger Robin Leach reported that Rappaport, who bankrolled the $100 million production, has believed in Believe from the beginning:

“I’ve been through this before. I understand how the creation process works -– and all that it takes to go from idea to final execution. I was at our other MGM hotels when Cirque launched Mystere and Zumanity along with their other Vegas shows. I have never met a more disciplined hard working star than Criss to ensure this works as a huge winner. I have absolute belief in Guy Laliberte and his Cirque team of creators and that they are 100 percent behind this being a total success.”

Rappaport also mentioned those early reviews, which lampooned Angel for poor magic effects and cheesy lip-syncing of the “Mindfreak” theme. A lot of those problems can be blamed on construction problems and audiences paying too much attention to Angel. Hey, he said it:

“It’s come a mighty long way — 10 times better — since then. There were so many construction and permit difficulties making a new showroom specially for this show. It’s turned out to be an incredibly marvelous and beautiful theater. Once previews got underway all the additional new illusions could be worked in -– and now they are all working incredibly well in Believe. Some members of the initial audiences didn’t even notice the other cast illusions because they focused everything on Criss but now people are understanding the show they see all of its other aspects of creativity. There are over 20 magical elements in this production -– not as stand-alones but as an integral part of the storytelling -– and that’s a real first.”

Leach will continue counting down to the premiere on the Luxe Life blog.


  1. So…the guy who’s paying for the show supports it… no surprise there. Think anyone shells out millions of dollars and then says “It’s a stinker, stay away”?