Ltd. Part 2 Kicks off Days of Pasteboard Goodness with a Competition

December 7th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

We thought him co-designing the deck was brilliant. Then he broke our definition of ‘Epic’ by directing, starring in, filming and editing the first trailer. Now, Peter McKinnon breaks out his Captain Awesome suit again and produces another trailer for the Ltd. (Limited) deck out of thin air. In kicking off our Days of Pasteboard Goodness, we’re also bringing you our ‘LTD. Love That Deck’ Competition

We created LTD because we love doing what we do – and what we do is awesome decks of Cards. We put them up on pedestals. On Display. Locked behind Glass or Lucite Panels. Build Furniture With them – the lot. We Know what we do with our cards, but we want to know ; What do you do with yours? We want to see your collection. How you display your love of cards. The most unique, intriguing, aesthetic – basically the display we like the most – will be taking home a deck of LTD playing Cards.

Ltd. (Limited) Playing CardsThe Rules are simple. Entries will be judged by our panel of experts on subject matter, photo composition, uniqueness and bribery. You’re welcome to use photoshop to enhance/filter your photo – but we don’t want to see the Loch Ness Monster rising out of a deck of Ghosts or any other tricks you can do… Actually – we do want to see it, cos it’d be cool – but you’ll probably not win just because you did that. One Entry per Person. Photos to be posted on our Facebook wall. Entries close Saturday, 12/12 at 12pm EST.

Lastly – make sure you’re watching this space tomorrow – as our Days of Pasteboard Goodness – will just keep getting better.


  1. why on facebook Damn it?
    I don’t hve facebook

  2. Agreed, but let’s try not to curse.