Liquid Metal 2: Strebler pushes iconic effect into new territory

December 6th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

A legendary product is getting a major upgrade from Ellusionist.

Morgan Strebler’s Liquid Metal became a favorite among magicians for obvious reasons. But now, instead of just bending metal, you’ll disfigure, disintegrate and destroy it in ways no one has ever seen. Your fingers will become a furnace. Or even your spectators: They will be able to manipulate metal just by touching a shadow.

Liquid Metal 2 includes so many of Strebler’s best kept secrets, from bends to twists, from tines to necks. He goes into sublteties, audience management and restrictions — not that there are many of those. On the street, in a bar, on stage; any room can become your forge. There’s also a complete copy of the original Liquid Metal inside.

Where the original blazed a trail, Liquid Metal 2 turns it into a highway. With such easy setup and practical uses, this will become an indispensible part of your arsenal and an unforgettable experience for your spectators.

Liquid Metal 2 is available right now. Also, pick up a stash of the forks Strebler recommends.

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