Less than 10 hours before finale

September 24th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine
Photo courtesy New York Magic Project

Photo courtesy New York Magic Project

While others are underwhelmed, several on the scene know exactly how difficult Blaine’s 60-hour sojourn is. Stunt organizers have set up an area where others can be hung just like Blaine. Kevin Reylek, of the New York Magic Project, hung upside down for about 60 seconds:

I can tell you, after having spent only 1 minute upside-down myself, I have immense respect for what David is accomplishing. It hardly seems possible that a human body could endure such a thing…I can personally attest that after having myself been hung upside down and having watched David for hours, that his display of stamina and perseverance flies in the face of even the toughest critics. It seems to me that some people are pulling at straws to find something “wrong” with this stunt. Trust me, David is the real deal.

Reylek has posted a timeline of the second day; videos are on the way.

According to news reports, Blaine is “suffering but surviving” the stunt. He is on track to complete the stunt at about 10:45 EST tonight during “David Blaine: Dive of Death” on ABC.

As the event draws nearer, what do you think the finale will be? Discuss it here in the Ellusionist forums. And Ellusionist also has a repository of Blaine information here.


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