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February 22nd, 2011 | Lee Asher | Filed Under General

Editor’s note: Lee Asher, creator of Thunderbird, the Losing Control and a ton of magic you’ve seen done by many other magicians, will start contributing to the Ellusionist Blog with a fantastic resource: The great performances of days gone by. We can’t wait for Lee to introduce you to these classic performers in Magic Legends, so let’s get started. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you – Lee Asher!

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Do you want to improve your own magic?

I’ve decided that it’s my job to leave quality breadcrumbs for future generations of magicians.

More specifically, as the center for quality magic information on the web, I want to guide you in the best possible direction in order for you to grow as an individual artist. The time has come to connect all of the ideas and take it to a new level. My intention is to inspire you with hand-picked fantastic vintage magic clips here in the Ellusionist Performance HQ Forums and Ellusionst Blog.

Again, I ask you – Do you want to improve your own magic?

Exposing you to high quality magic, from amazing magicians, only increases the chances of that happening. It also helps educate you about magic’s rich past. In turn the art of magic advances, and ultimately, that’s want I want.

Sifting through thousands of magic videos and choosing the purest performances has been a hefty project and a lofty goal, to be sure. Nonetheless, you’re worth ALL of the effort. If you’ve never heard of these magicians or their accomplishments, do yourself a favor and learn about them. You have my word it will make you a better magician, and swiftly assist you in achieving results that you’ve always strived for.

We start with two fantastic clips of Robert Harbin: one of the greatest magicians to ever live. Click here to view the full archive. You’ll find vintage magic videos, a small biography and a link for further information about this Magic Legend. Follow the quality breadcrumb trail…


Lee Asher

PS. Make sure to comment on each video you watch. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. George Waldman on:

    I’d LOVE to see ALL the vintage videos that you have, or can find, of FEMALE magicians.

  2. this is certainly a classy magician. i know the zig zag principle and he does some clever twists on it that i had never seen. excellent video. thanks.

  3. Anthony Lagada on:

    According to Guinness World Records, the ZIGZAG LADY ILLUSION is the “Most Copied Stage Illusion”. Invented by Robert Harbin (South Africa) in 1965, the Zig Zag girl is the most popularly performed stage illusion in the world. A girl, standing in an upright cabinet, is apparantly cut into three pieces and has the middle of her body …pulled to one side. It was copied so quickly that Harbin published a highly- priced book in 1970 (limited to 500 copies) which allowed each purchaser to build one version of the prop. It is estimated that at least 15,000 Zig Zag illusions have been built to date, meaning that 14,500 are unauthorised copies.

  4. Flynn Leicher on:

    wow George, please, don’t make us all look like losers.
    if you want porn go get some.

  5. @AnthonyLagada Excellent!

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