Lance Burton to levitate Heidi Klum for German show

November 7th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

If you’ve been wanting to keep up with who Criss Angel has been dating, and from whom he has been stealing girls, then this blog apologizes. We 1.) don’t care, 2.) get all those Playboy types confused and 3.) know it will last until the next big project comes along. (We’re a little jaded about celebrity relationships.) So, I almost missed this little, itty-bitty blurb about Lance Burton and Heidi Klum. (No, they are not dating.)

Robin Leach, in his Celebrity Watch column for the Las Vegas Sun, reported that Burton has been asked by Klum to assist with her “Germany’s Next Top Model” program. Burton will assist in several segments, to be filmed this January, and a levitation of Klum will be part of it. The Las Vegas Review-Journal said it will be filmed at the Monte Carlo.

The Inside Magic blog is pleased, calling the Burton hiring confirmation of how Klum is “classy and intelligent.”


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