Lance Burton – The Consummate Pro

February 1st, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

Lance Burton Monte Carlo fire

Legendary” is how Lance Burton is going to be remembered in magic history. He doesn’t get publicity because he showed up at a nightclub or hangs around with has-been celebrities. He gets publicity because he’s a great magician. Several days ago we reported that Lance entertained Monte Carlo guests in the lobby of the hotel after the fire when they were able to go back in to reclaim personal items. Today we found in the Las Vegas Review Journal this story:

“Master magician Lance Burton performs an illusion with Monte Carlo worker Francis Espirito during a lunch break this week. He has been entertaining employees who are working to reopen the Monte Carlo after an exterior fire forced the property to temporarily close last Friday.”

Going back into magic history and reading about Harry Blackstone Sr. Thurston, & Houdini – these are the stories you would read. Great magicians who could do their magic anytime, anywhere. Lance is a nice guy and he’s continuing a tradition of past masters.


  1. That is why Lance is the Greatest Magician of today. He is a classy guy who continues a legacy started with the great Harry Kellar. Who knows who he will pass the mantle to, to continue the tradition.

  2. i love lance and it was a thrill to se his show. i learned some of his card routines and i love magic

  3. Lance will definitely go down as one of the best magicians of all time! He is true to the art and one of my many influences when it comes to magic and illusions!