Laced, Election: Two new Paper Crane effects available from Ellusionist

January 13th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

The guys at Paper Crane Productions have come up with two new, incredible effects, both of which are available from Ellusionist.

Election: Eric Ross presents a “do as I do” effect with an unimaginable ending in Election:

Instead of you being a participant, you direct two people to select a card in a deck, turn it upside down then cut the deck, all behind their backs. When they bring the decks back, they discover they have both selected the same card. Just when they are thinking, “What are the odds of THAT?”, you hit them with an unbelieveable ending: You turn over the cards and show the backs, which show the cards came from the other deck.

Ross goes over everything you need to make this simple effect pack a punch.

Laced: Dan Hauss, the mind behind Sleeping Queen and Flow, brings an incredible card-stabbed-through-shoelace effect in Laced:

A spectator freely selects a card and is given a corner of it. After it is lost in the deck, you kneel down, extend a shoelace and throw the deck on it. Their card ends up impaled by your shoelace — the end of which never left your hand, because you were holding the lace taut. They rip the card off your shoelace to find that the torn corner matches.

Hauss goes through several performance methods and the quick, easy setup necessary. Both of these effects are available as downloads from Ellusionist. Get them today. Add these two powerful effects to your arsenal and drop some jaws.


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