Labor of love: Jason Brumbalow talks about making of Artifact coins

February 17th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, General, Products

Believe it or not, coins aren’t very easy to make. For magicians, anyway.

Sure, the average coin lover may be content with whatever numismatic nugget they find. At the end of the day, that coin will sit in a little plastic sleeve, maybe with a transparent window, so that it can be looked at without being touched.

Not us. We LOVE coins: The feel, the sound, the glide, the art, the clink in our hand, the ringing in the air, everything. We magicians are a picky lot when it comes to our coinage. Balance, look, size and weight are all important factors to consider. That means when we set out to make magic’s first custom-designed coins, we had to be careful, picky and rigid.

The work paid off. E VP Jason Brumbalow talked about the process of making the Artifact coins into beautiful reality, from how the idea was dreamed up to who was the quality control checker. You’ll hear about the size, weight, price, design and all about what it took to mint these new beauties. And you may hear a couple of teasers of what’s to come. Pay attention…


Artifact coins are now available for $6.99 each, $5.99 each when you buy four or more.


  1. Artifact Coins on:

    The eagle design looks badass, can’t wait to feel the weight and sound on these :)

  2. I order 10 – I’m a traditional Jew, and president of our congregation. As a traditional Jew we don’t carry money on the sabbath – so these coins are just what I need. I’m sure 10 will be starting point. I can’t wait to try them out!

  3. I had no idea something like that existed. That’s why I love this site: Magicians from around the world come here and interact, and I get to learn about new cultures. Glad the coins help you out, and mazel tov!

  4. So… what’s with the “gold” coin “slip” in the interview? Soon??

  5. i want to have this coin…
    how can i get this if i live in indonesian???

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    […]  you head over to the ellustionist post at:, you’ll get  a chance to listen to Jason Brumabalow talk about the artifact coins process. […]

  7. Awesome Gold Artifacts on:

    I recieved a Gold Artifact from Jason himself and man are they a beauty. according to him, there are only 200 of them made.