Know the code for a Merr-E Christmas: 15 percent discount storewide for 48 hours

December 6th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

Drop your controller and pick up your keyboard — note the following code: “HOLIDAY2010″.

That code won’t give you unlimited lives or full power, like up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. But it will score you 15 percent off your entire order.

All you have to do: Enter that code in the coupon section at checkout. After that, you’re paying 15 percent less. And your purchase still qualifies you to earn rewards (Heads up: Qualification for rewards is still marked by the final checkout price — not the price before the discount).

This sale is good for the next two days. It ends at midnight on Wednesday (U.S. Eastern). After that, the code won’t work. Neither will the Konami code. Not that the Konami code actually does anything on this site.


  1. It's no Konami code, but it will get you a 15 percent discount during the next couple of days. Find the code here:

  2. Know the code for a Merr-E Christmas: 15 percent discount storewide for 48 hours: Drop your controller and pick …

  3. a ellusionist podia vender produtos em euro acho que as pessoas de portugal e outros paises com moeda euro iam comprar mais na ellusionist.
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  4. Heads up: The code that scores you a 15 percent discount storewide shuts down in less than 12 hours:

  5. keith jackson on:

    i entered the exact same code and it says it’s not working

  6. That’s because the sale ended last week. Sorry, man. Keep an eye out on this blog or on our Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages for information about sales and promotions. Better yet, submit your e-mail in the form on the home page for direct-from-the-boss news.

  7. thanks man