Kalush: Magic still amazes despite advancement

June 27th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

It’s always rough getting back to the grind, but here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ to take the edge off: An NPR interview that demonstrates how the history of magic means that it will be strong in the future.

William Kalush, co-author of “The Secret Life of Harry Houdini” and founder of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, spoke with Scott Simon of Weekend Edition in this interview. In it, Kalush shows how far back some magic tricks go — we’re talking WAY before the days of Houdini. That leads him to point out the common thread between effects from ancient Egypt and the new stuff E will release in the future (it’s also the reason he argues magic will continue to be great despite all the new technology out there):

I think it’s actually opened the door even wider for us … A great performance of magic always involves the audience, whether they pick this card or whether they choose this or when it’s a mind-reading effect, what have I done with this and what am I think – these are all things that affect the outcome of the show. So the audience becomes integral.

And I think because of that factor, as long as magicians continue to use that, all of this technology, whether it’s in film, whether it’s the iPad – which looks like magic to me – I don’t think it’s going to affect the performer.

The interview is well worth the listen during your morning break. Enjoy — and thanks to Lee Asher for pointing it out to us.


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  2. Shawn Mullins on:

    While Lee pointed us in the direction we have to give cred to Richard Hatch’s Twitter account. Thanks man!