Justin Miller: The Ellusionist Interview

January 14th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, Products

He got his start in his own garage when he was seven years old. He delivered his first lecture when he was 13 (and people bought up his three pages of lecture notes). At 15, he managed a magic shop. He landed a job with Lance Burton’s Monte Carlo show when he was 21 (ahem). He even tried stage magic for a while in his career.

But Justin Miller favored close-up magic, and stuck with that. He honed his natural smoothness (earning him the nickname “Smoothie”) and kept adding to his repertoire. The result is, of course, one of the best-known names in magic, who is recognized for his fluidity, presentation and teaching ability in both DVDs and lectures.

Miller’s latest effect, Autograph, will be available on Jan. 20 for $24.95. He talked to us about the effect, the inspiration for it, his start in magic, his popular live chats and much more — including a teaser about the M5 training video — in this Ellusionist podcast. Click below to listen.

Editor’s note: The podcast was edited to correct information about a promotion associated with the release.

You can interview Miller, too: Ask questions in this thread on the Ellusionist Forums. And if you haven’t seen it yet, the full trailer for Autograph has been released. It includes an entire performance of the effect. Check it out:


  1. William Hoskins on:

    This trick might be my new favorite once I get it. It is so crazy how simple it seems to be, if it is what I think it is, yet it is such a great effect. I think everyone should buy it just because this video looks awesome.

  2. Trevor Hamilton on:

    Ah man I’ve been looking for a trick that I’m able to easily preform in front of my friends with amazing reactions because honestly I haven’t had that feeling for a while and I really do miss it. This will surely be one of the best and extremely visual magic trick you could do right in your spectators hand. This purchase is a MUST for me.

  3. This sould be ausome!!! I love the anniversery waltz effect and this takes it to the extreme. I think this might be one of my favorite effects.