Jones’ ‘Extension’ packed with magic, motivation

February 12th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

We are loving this new surge of coin magic, and we are thrilled that Eric Jones is going to add major waves to it — and rock card magic’s boat at the same time.

Jones has released “An Extension of Me,” a three-DVD set that includes some of the signature sleights and effects that made him one of magic’s rising stars. More than two years of work went into the filming of this project, and it shows — all the right angles, details and subtleties are shown. Packed with the sleights are the justifications and reasons for each movement and his philosophies about magic.

This is a thorough work from a magic genius. Jones is one of magic’s unique thinkers, and his handling of coins, cards and sponge balls is so smooth and slow that it glides. You’re going to love learning his Standing Room Only Collectors, Flash Coins Re-Lit, GODHAND move, Ishkabibble Sandwich and Hellbound Remix. The set also comes with a special gimmick coin for his hailed version of the Karate Coin.

And if you’ve never had an Ishkabibble sandwich, get thee to Philly posthaste.


  1. Jones’ ‘Extension’ packed with magic, motivation: We are loving this new surge of coin magic, and we are thrilled …