It’s getting colder… Frozen by Adam Grace

October 30th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

…and we’re not talking about the season’s first frost.

After three years of sitting on a shelf, Frozen — the latest effect from Adam Grace — is causing a cold snap. From Ellusionist General Manager Jason Brumbalow:

Previously known as Frostbite, this effect has been on the shelf for more than three years. Recently Adam Grace and Brad Christian found the holy grail they had been searching for: A street-ready method to blow frost onto a borrowed quarter and freeze it while completely surrounded by spectators.

What could you do with the ability to blow on something and freeze it? Once you learn the secret, you’ll be able to do incredible things.

More coming soon… talk about it on the Ellusionist forums, and keep an eye here as things get chill.


  1. AzMy uRg MaGiC on:

    Cool~ can it freeze anything else other than coins???