UltraGaff DVD sneak peek with Danny Garcia

March 25th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Products

Imagine stunning your audience with some of the most creative and innovative gaff cards ever created… well that thought will soon become a reality as we are approaching the highly anticipated UltraGaff release!

The UltraGaff 3 DVD set will give you the tools to deny reality and treat your audiences to the pure eye candy of extreme gaff handling. These effects are not possible with just any deck, and the UltraGaff deck proves that not all playing cards are created equal.

In the DVD’s, a variety of different effects are taught in great detail, and not one stone is left unturned. There is something for all skill levels too, as each DVD presents it’s own progression, always offering more to learn. Additionally every single card in the deck has it’s own purpose and magical prowess, and it all comes together with Wayne and Danny’s enthusiastic teaching of the art they love.

Danny spreading astonishment throughout the Ellusionist warehouse.


  1. Can’t wait! Looks sooooo awesome.

  2. cool now i really want the ultra gaff deck

  3. so far i have saved 130.25$ for the ultragaff deck and 3 set dvd!!!

  4. Joshua Wong on:

    really looking forward to the ultragaff deck and the 3 set dvd. Just wondering approximately how much each of them will cost. Anyone know?

  5. i cannot wait!! the second i saw the first preview i almost died on the floor. i am buying it all tomorrow, i am so stoked. i cannot wait to open a whole new level of astonishment to the world!

  6. I know it’s in April, but are you sure it’s on April fool’s day? (April 1st.)

  7. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!
    I think I know Ross!

  8. OMG!!!
    This deck is going to be awesome.
    Just the box it self is sweeeeet!!!!
    Hopefully the deck lives up to my expectations. I know it will ellusionist has never disappointed me.

  9. If it’s coming out in April, what day?
    the 2nd?
    just tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alex who are you lol how do you know me im Ross B. and i thought it was gonna be April 1st but i guess not lol it will be soon obviously…ITS APRIL! CANT WAIT!