Item off ‘magic bucket list’ checked: Ferguson talks about ‘Ellen’ show

April 4th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Getting to perform on the Ellen show was an item on Rich Ferguson’s magic bucket list. Landing that gig has been something he’s worked on for almost five years, he said. Once he got his chance, he made the most of it — and capitalized on the extra time that he got.

Rich took a few minutes to talk with us bright and early on April Fool’s Day. There were no jokes or gags during this talk, though (well, except for the Max Maven thing). Just insight into why a gig on Ellen means so much, how many times he had to switch up his set, the one thing they didn’t show and the one thing that he had no idea they would show. Rich also breaks down a little bit of what’s coming next. Enjoy:



  1. i love rich!! no homo!!

  2. im a very very succesful magician and i know from many years that rich is great, great showmenship, different from me, but still great!!!!

  3. dan from dan and dave on:

    hey i didnt know u still do magic? wow

  4. wow,,, ,,can you teach some magic?

  5. who me or daniel? cause me im sorry i cant tell u who i am, but maybe daniel can. have you seen his videos?

  6. Rich Ferguson on:

    I’m not sure who is talking to who… Hit me back. R