Iowa magician sues K-mart over loss of finger tip

November 17th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

A magician and former master of ceremonies at The Magic Castle has filed a lawsuit against K-mart over the loss of a fingertip.

The Associated Press reports that Patrick Albanese, of the Des Moines suburb Clive, was attempting to move a Martha Stewart Everyday lawn chair when the front legs collapsed. The tip of his right index finger was crushed between one of the legs and a tubular bar on the back of the chair and was severed. The tip was later recovered from underneath the deck by a relative, and reattached in a surgical procedure.

Albanese claims his finger is not as sensitive or functional as it used to be, which is understandable after seeing a picture published by the Des Moines Register (warning: clicking this link might make you gag). With the loss of sensitivity comes a loss in livelihood, says Albanese’s attorney Guy Cook. Albanese is also a hand model and banjo player, Cook said.

“He’s a very accomplished musician and as part of his work, he does various slight-of-hand tricks,” Cook said.

Albanese also co-stars in the long-running play, “Triple Espresso.” Representatives of K-mart and Martha Stewart declined to comment for the reports.

p.s. It appears there’s a bit of confusion over which finger was injured. The AP reports the right, the Register reports the left, and shows a picture submitted by Albanese (presumably) of a left hand.


  1. That sucks… no more sleights?