Video game fans: We found your new favorite cards

September 18th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We don’t know about you, but if we had practiced our sidesteals as much as we mashed B while jumping with A, we could probably have skills to rival Dai Vernon. It’s a wonder we don’t stomp on every mushroom we see, thanks to all the Super Mario Brothers we played. So finding these cards was a first-class geek-out. Each of the pips is rendered in 8-bit glory. Two other versions of this deck come in more standard art, but the 8-bit is too cool for school.

Oh, you’re an old-school, vector-based vicomte of video games? Prefer your graphics in geometric shapes and bright lines? These Atari playing cards should have you covered — the spades, anyway. As cool as these cards are, did they have to waste a suit on “Millipede?” “Centipede” is cool and we understand the paddle-licious “Breakout,” but why couldn’t we rock some “Missile Command,” “Tempest” or “Battlezone” with that last suit? However, those backs look like they would make some dizzying fans. If they fan decently, that is.


  1. Further proving that you can find anything on playing cards, we found some great retro video game decks:

  2. omg i want those cards!