INSIDE JOB: Two rare decks, three new releases yours for the taking

December 12th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

The Black Ghost First Edition deck remains one of the most highly sought after decks in existence. Only 5,000 were printed, and we’ve never sold them. The supply is getting dangerously low, so it’s time to make your move, crack our vault and lift one while you still can.

This is one of your last chances to steal a legendary deck.

Time to pull an inside job and get away with two rare decks: A Black Ghost First Edition and a Sultan Treasury (this deck also has its own legendary story). You must act before midnight Sunday EST, however.

Here’s the players in your heist:

THE ADVOCATE by Daniel Madison: Produce any card at your command. You have the power: You can reveal it instantly, or you can load it for the moment you choose. The Advocate is your aid, your assistant, your new Invisible Deck. It is easy to make, practical and absolutely deadly.

Daniel Madison’s debut effect with Ellusionist is a specific, in-depth education on an effect he’s only written and lectured about before. The Advocate helped cement his reputation as one of the finest, most dangerous card mechanics in the art, and he shares it for the first time in beautiful, high-definition, full color. Watch Madison perform it live and talk about the development of his system during our live broadcast event.

SAFETY by Chris Mayhew: This three-phase linking pin routine grows more impossible with each link. And just when your spectators think they have you pinned down, you DESTROY them in the final phase. They will spend the rest of the night playing with the same pins that you used.

From the creator of Fade, Safety is one of the gems that cemented Mayhew’s reputation as a first-class close-up magician. He’ll talk about the history and development of his work, show each crucial detail and subtlety and make you laugh your rear off — Mayhew’s a trip. Safety is a must-have that packs light, sets up easily and packs a powerful punch.

RUBBER RAID by Sebastien Fourie: You’ve heard of Crazy Man’s Handcuffs? Rubber Raid is INSANE and makes that crazy man look well-adjusted. Let’s say you start off with Michael Ammar’s legendary effect, then go sideways by making the rubber bands visually melt through each other. Watch the trailer, and try to keep your eyes in your skull.

Taught by underground French magician Sebastien Fourie and Brad Christian, Rubber Raid is a series of effects that allow you to link a rubber band through a borrowed ring, link and unlink rubber bands in the hands of a spectator, link rubber bands slowly and visually in midair — then finish by melting one band into the other. You’re left with only a single band, and yourself completely clean. The effect includes two handmade, high-quality gimmicks and crystal clear instruction, from tips about the gimmick to important subtleties for your performance.

YOUR PRIZE: A Black Ghost First Edition and Sultan Treasury.

Scoring this heist is simple: Load your cart with $100.25 or more of shippable magic and your box will include one of each deck.

Stake your claim while you can — there won’t be many more opportunities to score a Black Ghost. First printed in 2006, we’ve given the 5,000 decks away slowly as prizes, charity auction items and promotions over the last six years. There will probably never be another opportunity like this. If you miss out, your only options may be holding out for a contest or spending upwards of $200 on the secondary market.

This sale ends at midnight Sunday EST. After that, the vault locks up tightly. You’ll never have another chance like this.

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