Infinity Series: Ellusionist’s most ambitious deck now available

November 22nd, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Infinity has begun. Your limits have ended.

The most ambitious deck of cards we have ever released is now available to you. Each deck features our superior stock with Performance Coating, made by card workers for card workers. But the most stunning part of the Infinity Series playing cards is the level of detail in the art.

Looking at the back will be almost like gazing into a crystal ball. The level of intricate detail pushed the U.S. Playing Card Company to the max. Let it encourage you to push your presentation and skill. These cards are meant for your audiences.

Infinity Series playing cards are available right now. And don’t miss the epic trailer for the cards. Watch it below:

Infinity Playing Cards | from Ellusionist on Vimeo.


  1. Meh. I thought E was on to new ground with the Artifice deck, but why are we back to the whole black arts look? This feels more like Arcane V2 than “the most ambitous deck that we have ever released.” Might work for card tricks at a rennaissance festival, but waaaay too “dark wizard” for standard street magic.

  2. I love how the trailer implies these cards will make you go crazy and die.

  3. i iz gay with soter on:

    when r they going to be in britain

  4. are these going to be sold for infinity on ellusionist or are these also limited like the artifice V1??

  5. @ dorf on dorf
    you think so?? these are awesome cards, they might not fit your style, but imagine the pattern possibilities with these…
    maybe you can do a streetpreformance like Nicolas Cage in The Sorceress apprentice XD.
    no but seriously , they look gorgeous, I think.
    and as you can see in the trailer they go well with modern mystery, and maybe a hipster style of preformance

  6. Too “Dark Wizard”? Given Magic has been considered a ‘Dark Art’ for centuries, I really don’t think there can be such a thing as ‘Too Dark Wizard’ – be it at a LOTR LARP or on the streets of New York. This is the most ambitious deck we’ve ever released, simply due to the level of detail that has gone into the cards and the box. You can’t hold these in your hand and think ‘Meh’ – it’s just not possible. You may not like the Gothic style of this particular deck, but everyone who sees them remarks on the intricacy of the design. We print what people like – and more importantly – what we like. We like the look of Infinity – and it’s broken ground when it comes to how we’ll approach deck design in future. Yes it’s dark – but the Fluffy Bunny Cards are still in the works, so we had to go with these instead. There will be more from us in the way of understated elegance – as many felt of the Artifice Deck – in the near future I’m sure.

  7. Matthew – These will continue to be printed as they are. The original design we did for these had full bleed backs – but after the feedback we received about the Artifice, we added the border on these as well – they went through a few different design changes before we settled on this one.

  8. thank you Jake.
    i agree with you on the ”there is no such thing as too dark wizard” part too

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