In Session: your magic overhauled and tuned by a powerlist of professionals in face-to-face training

February 10th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Remember the first time you tried to figure out a sleight from a book, and how you just couldn’t get a handle on it, then one of your buddies shows you what it’s supposed to look like, and all of a sudden it just clicks for you?

That’s what In Session is like. Sessioning with a magic pro is a gamechanger for you and your magic.

Ellusionist changed the way magic training was perceived years ago when we started putting downloadble magic training videos on the Internet. We’re changing the game again with In Session, a feature that matches you in one-on-one facetime with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Experts connect with you personally.

Michael Ammar, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Eric Jones, Morgan Strebler, Joshua Jay, Dan Sperry, Rich Ferguson and many, many more representing a myriad of different magic styles are available. All you have to do is head to the In Session page, pick your pro and BOOK your session. Once you book, keep an eye out for a checklist from the pro — you’ll have homework. Then, through Internet web conferencing like Skype, you’ll get an intimate session and an injection of knowledge, training, advice and personal consultation.

These guys ARE where you hope to be. Their daily lives are your dreams and ambitions. They have made the mistakes you are about to make, and enjoyed successes you haven’t yet considered. Their wealth of experience is YOURS with a just few clicks of your mouse.

Personal training makes you better in ways yet to be imagined. 

How many times have you gotten fired up to perform just from watching a video? That feeling is tenfold after attending a lecture or a conference. Imagine how charged up you’ll be after getting personal instruction in issues specific to YOU.  Ask ANYTHING.  Want to know what to do about nerves, booking fees, how to get work, HOW to get the best shows?  Want to work on your pass, palm, sidesteal?  It’s all yours for the taking … the session is YOUR session.

In Session is a system kept under tight wraps and in development for more than a year. We are proud, during our 10th anniversary, to finally make this available to you. Our mission has been to help you be the best magician you can be. In Session makes that more of a reality than ever before.


  1. Dante sellers on:

    how much does this in session cost?

  2. plss teach me and plss explaine i want to be an illussionist

  3. The cost is like $125 per hour.

    I guess it’s different for each trainer I only looked at one.

    I guess only use this if your really serious, and have problems you can’t fix any other way.

  4. Why was this taken down?