Illusionist for a minute: Musician deeply affected by his magic show

April 16th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

It’s great to read about a non-magician’s perception of magic, but Joe Hedges has a deeper perspective than most.

While celebrating a CD release party for his latest album, “Alchemy,” Hedges decided to feature some magic during his concert. Magician Chris Oberle got involved, and they worked together to feature magic in between songs. Hedges got involved, and for the final trick, Hedges disappeared in a classic stage illusion.

The experience affected the musician and artist deeply, according to a blog post he wrote lately. It’a tremendous read, because it gives an outsider’s perspective on why we pursue magic:

During my one-minute career as a performing illusionist I felt the rush that comes with breaking laws and rules, with doing something bad for the sake of being bad. But we weren’t robbing a bank. We were using lies and deception to bring joy into our own lives and into the lives of the audience. As the supposedly magic purple cloth first touched my body, the timing was perfect. It just felt right.

Hedges’ song “Magic” was featured in our post about great magic songs that haven’t been overused. It’s on his album “Alchemy,” which is available for purchase or download (It’s an outstanding album, by the way — incredible songwriting, deceptively complex arrangements and the only use of AutoTune that makes us think AutoTune is a good thing). You can listen to “Magic” here.

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