Holely Shift and Winco’s Batman! They’re all Back in Stock.

February 3rd, 2012 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

You know that rush you get when you’ve finally decided you’re going to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button on a product? You don’t even have to be on a website – you could be out washing the dog and suddenly you think ‘THAT’S IT! I’ve got to have me one of those things!

For us, it’s often something silly… but awesome – like  ‘Air-Swimmers‘. Those giant inflatable flying fish? HOW COOL ARE THEY!?!

If you’re anything like us then, you’ll know that sinking feeling you get when you arrive on the product page and you see those three little words that just crush your spirit… ‘Out of Stock.’

They’ve got to be the second-worst words in the English language. Sadly, you’ve probably seen them on some of the drool-worthy products in store here at Ellusionist. There are some things that just fly out the door faster than we can make them.

It’s what happens when the ‘LikeABoss’ dial is cranked ALL THE WAY up to 12.

You’ll be as titillated as Joe with a deck of  New Pink Cards to hear then, that some of our bestsellers have had those three little words replaced; with the wondrous words BACK IN STOCK.

You’ve been sending us emails saying that your spectators are CRYING OUT to see you move a hole from one end of a card to another… over their signature… like magic. Your emails have been heard – and answered. Holely by Will Tsai is BACK.

Holely is as simple as dragging your fingers from one end of a card to the other – and was included in something like 75% of orders we received over the Holidays – thanks to the CRAZY-GOOD reviews it’s been getting from guys who never leave home without it. For those hundreds of people we know have been waiting for it to come back – now’s your chance!

When SHIFT: The Self Bending Fork was first released, people went nuts over it. This is a fork that bends itself in the hands of the spectator. It doesn’t get any easier. All the work is done for you by the fork, leaving you to focus on presentation. Dan Sperry uses this to CLOSE his show. That’s how powerful this thing is.

Shift has had a MAJOR UPGRADE. The fork has been retooled to match the most common restaurant silverware – and thanks to metallurgical improvements, can now be kept straight in your pocket for hours – ready to go the moment you bring it out.

It’s been out of stock for months – now it’s back with a Vengeance. This is the Bruce Willis of cutlery. It’s ‘Die Hard 5 – For Fork’s Sake.’

Liquid Metal 2 by Morgan Strebler has been reprinted and has arrived back in the warehouse, ready to be added to the carts for those who really want to melt minds by melting metal.  The Ultimate progression of the standard fork bend, Liquid Metal 2 has you absolutely DESTROYING forks with your mental powers.

We learnt during the filming of Liquid Metal 2 that restaurants don’t like you annihilating their cutlery. We also learnt that if you perform magic for the waitstaff, they quickly forget about the pile of broken metal pieces on the table. To prevent having to pay for wanton destruction of restaurant property – we suggest you pick up a box (or three) of Winco Forks – recommended by Morgan as THE FORK to use for Metal Bending.

They’re all back as of right now. But due to the demand and time-consuming production for all of these products – when they sell out, there will be a wait until they arrive back in store.

Why Risk it? Get the magic you want, NOW.

PS. We’re not going to leave you hanging. Worst words in the English Language you ask? I’ll give you a hint; ‘Rebecca Black’.


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