Jeremy Bennett joins Ellusionist as a contributor

October 1st, 2010 | Jeremy Bennett | Filed Under General

Jeremy Bennett

Another pro has joined the ranks of Team Ellusionist. Jeremy Bennett, of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, has a long history of studying and performing magic and appearing on TV. His expertise and experience stretches pretty far — he’s done street magic specials and is producing his own TV series dedicated to investigating the supernatural. You’re going to love what he has to say. In fact, we’ll let you read what he has to say right now:

Hey guys! This is my first blog here on Ellusionist. It’s really cool to be working with the E team and I look very forward to interacting with you guys! Over the years I gotten to know the Ellusionist team and very quickly came to appreciate their style and care they put into magic!

A quick few words about me: I am the author of “The Power of the Mind” (Flanker Press, 2010), a keynote speaker specializing in “the strength of the mind” and, of course, a magician. I am currently on the beginning of a small tour, called “Magic Meets Funny!” with comedian Trent McClellan. I just got back from a long rehearsal for a show I have tomorrow night. The show is coming together very nicely.

For some more info on what I do you can have a look at my website: I also have many videos on YouTube. Looking very forward to getting to know you guys!


  1. Hey so as part of the {Awesome} E team are you going to be putting up some of your products? I’d appreciate more “bizzare magic” effects on here. Not that the ones on here aren’t clearly brilliant but more from a pro would be cool. or something that could easily be made into it with a story like i usually do when preforming for people. not in my vids but that’s beside the point.

  2. Gloria Hollohan on:

    From Sydney Nova Scotia How many people do you know in your profession-that can show themselves to you from the shoulders down-that can enter your home without coming in the door- that can shoot stars in the air-are you familiar with people who can put pictures in your mind with your eyes closed but you are awake-and who try to keep you up all night long-what kind of people can do that and they are from Sydney cause I live here. Can you help me any of this-I know you may think I am crazy but believe me I am not. No one in the world would believe me so I was reading an article on you in the Readers Digest and decided to look you up on a friend’s computer as I do not own one. My address is Apt 2 26 Grant Street Sydney NS Bin 3C7-902 562 0041-these things have been happening to me since October 2007 and I want to try and find these people and gid rid of them- I also know that they can put illusions on the wall-real like because I have seen them-they put themselves in my room-I live alone and speak to me but I cannot see them.I was wondering if I would be hurt as these people can make one feel pain as i experienced it once. Perhaps you can help in any way at all please and thank you. I would be grateful in any way. Thank you for your time!