Have you been participating in each of the MAGIC LEGENDS forum posts?

March 11th, 2011 | Lee Asher | Filed Under General

Every few days, I post a new vintage magic video in the Ellusionist Performance HQ Forums with a small biography and a link for further information about a MAGIC LEGEND. Have you been participating in each of them?

Don’t worry, nobody will be mad if you missed a few.

Lately, MAGIC LEGENDS have appeared like:

If you’ve never heard of these magicians or their accomplishments, do yourself a favor and learn about them. You have my word it will make you a better magician, and swiftly assist you in achieving results that you’ve always been striving for. Watching professionals only increase the chances of you improving your own magic. Even if you’re already familiar with these guys, they are still worth revisiting.

Remember this is a free resource for you to study, use, and benefit from. Watch with notebook in hand because the clips will impact your life in a positive way. Make sure to post your comments every time you watch one. Let your magic education continue today.

Besides, in times like these, it’s crucial to motivate and inspire you to be better. Why? Because, right now, everyone could use a little more quality magic in their lives!

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