Harry Blackstone Sr. : Magic Legends presented by Lee Asher

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Harry Blackstone Sr. MAGIC LEGENDS presented by Lee Asher

Harry Blackstone Sr. (1885 – 1965), was a famed stage magician and illusionist of the 20th century. He started doing magic at the age of eight after receiving a magic kit for a birthday present and seeing a performance by the great Harry Kellar.

Blackstone Sr. began his career professionally in his teens (1904) and was beloved as a USO entertainer through World War II, billed as The Great Blackstone. Following Houdini’s death, Blackstone would become the most well-known magican in the United States of America.

Eventually he would retire from touring in the 1950s, but would continue to make television and other appearances for the rest of his life.

FACT 1: Harry Blackstone Sr. appears in his own comic book series.

Harry Blackstone Sr.’s shows mixed small-scale slight of hand and elaborate prop-based illusions, and he pioneered such now-classic routines as the buzzsaw illusion, dancing handkerchief, floating lightbulb, and his unique frames of paper illusion where he would smash his hand through a framed sheet of paper and withdraw various objects, livestock, and even his wife seemingly out of nowhere.

FACT 2: His son Harry Blackstone, Jr. would follow in his footsteps and became a famous magician, too. Harry Jr.’s wife, Gay Blackstone, still keeps the family name in the public eye.

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If you find all of this very interesting and want to learn more about Harry Blackstone Sr., visit his official WikiPedia page. Also, spend a few moments visiting his official virtual grave.

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