Hand Out a hand up for money magic

November 10th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

Steve Haynes has another great bill effect for your money magic. Sure, you can change five bills from one denomination to another, but this time you can hand all the bills out openly without worrying about anything.

Hand Out 500 uses a slick gimmick that lets you visibly change bills and hand them out afterward. The gimmick is so solid that it lets you do the snap, sudden change either covered or out in the open (be sure to tell your spectators to refrain from blinking). The effect has so few vulnerable angles that it’s almost spectator proof.

The best part: Hayes presents an alternate use of the gimmick to present an unbelievable card to wallet effect. When we saw this, our brain cells lit up like wildfire with all the applications.

Hand Out 500 is the latest from the Paul Harris Presents line, and is available now from Ellusionist. Check out the trailer and details.


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