Halloween discounts: Ellusionist’s creepiest and most visceral on sale

October 24th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

Halloween is approaching… it’s the perfect time to take your magic to a disturbing level. Especially when Ellusionist offers a sale on some of its creepiest effects.

  • Make a spectator’s thought visibly engrave itself on your arm in bold red marks. Stigmata is an all-time hit and best seller from Wayne Houchin. If this isn’t in your arsenal, it should be.
  • Disjointed takes the arm twist to the next level. Remember that weird, double-jointed kid from junior high? This will make him look normal: Show your arm twist 360 degrees around, then break at the joint.
  • Produce large puffs of smoke from your bare hands. This makes gaffed card tricks incredibly magical. If you’ve seen Army of 52, you know just what we mean.
  • Bend metal with the power of thought. A classic by Banachek that continues to floor spectators.
  • Raise the spirits by mentally turning on a flashlight or small toy. Ever seen a chicken bone stand up on its own in your spectator’s hand?
  • Made popular by Criss Angel, Sean Field’s “SAW” has a proven record of scarring spectators for life.
  • Create light out of thin air with your bare hands.

The sale ends at midnight on Halloween night. Stock up while you can!


  1. Hey! I that weird, double-jointed kid! Natural talent, baybee! X^D