Gold Arcanes up for grabs in latest contest

February 8th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Gaze upon the King of Clubs fondly. Your first chance to grab a rare, never-to-be-sold Gold Arcane deck awaits in our Arcane video contest.

In the coming weeks, we’ll announce how everyone will get a chance to snare one of the 5,000 of these decks that have been printed. But in the meantime, your skill and performance could put one of these in your hands.

In a nutshell: Surely, you’ve had your chance to get a few decks of Arcane playing cards. Now, we want to see what you do with them. Hit the mall, the boardwalk, the park, anywhere there are spectators, and blow some minds with either a black or white deck. Or use both. It’s your routine. Our judges will pick the best video based on creativity, skill, presentation and audience reaction. Here’s the rules:

  • Only one video per person. If there is any appearance of multiple submissions from the same person, the videos will not be judged.
  • Vid must be no longer than four minutes. Handy tip: TIME YOUR ROUTINE BEFORE PERFORMING.
  • Your performance must be for at least one genuine spectator.
  • Your performance may include any trick or effect that utilizes playing cards, and those cards must be from a deck of Arcanes.
  • Creativity is encouraged. Use the glyphs or the smoky face cards as part of your routine.
  • Your video may include any kind of editing, but your trick or routine must be uncut.
  • Submit your videos in the Member Videos forum with the words “Arcane Contest” somewhere in the title.
  • All videos must meet our submission guidelines. Any videos that do not will not be judged. NO EXCEPTIONS. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.
  • If you have any questions about the rules, ask them in this thread on the Ellusionist Forums.

Submission deadline: 12:01 a.m. Monday, March 1 (Central time zone; GMT -6). Good luck!


  1. ★: Gold Arcanes up for grabs in latest contest

  2. Lasse N. Tronborg on:

    Aww, this is bad news if don’t feel good enough to hit the streets yet >:(.

  3. what if i dont have arcane deck playing cards?
    could i use ordinary bicycle deck?

  4. Agree with Lasse here. Ain’t good enough for the public yet. :( Would love to get my hands on these though. The Arcanes are an awesome deck.

  5. I have brought many dvds from ellusionist .
    But no playing cards !
    I wish to take part in the contest , but ellusionist is limiting this contest by restricting them to arcanes !
    This is not fair at all !
    The cards dont matter anywhere !
    It’s the hands which are holding them !
    Please respond to this !

  6. Hwrjks ijkwfs on:

    How much arcanes is there to win?

  7. Yeah, It kind of sucks you can only use arcane decks. If any limit it should be you have to use an ellusionist deck. I have a good trick that uses the ghost deck and a regular deck, but as well, I don’t own an arcane deck :/ This is a great way to sell cards though, might be one reason you can only use arcane decks; so you’ll buy one 😛

  8. RT @ellusionist: Gold Arcanes up for grabs in latest contest

  9. awesome i hope i can win-i am soooo glad i bought arcanes in my last ellusionist order!

  10. hey, i think limiting this contest is fair. i mean you can win a golden arcane deck. of course this is an arcane promo but a very good one.
    @Lasse N. i know what you mean. i dont feel comfortable on the streets ,too. but i choose this contest as occasion for my first performance “out there”.
    pls excuse my english.
    chris from germany

  11. i have a friend nearby with an arcane. The problem is i don’t have a proper video camera and with all of my school work piling up. heaving a sigh of disappointment right now.

  12. realese it……that was awesome!!!

  13. Not sure I’m read for the street either, but I might as well try.

  14. I don’t care if I win or lose. I just want to show people some of my favorite illusions.

  15. Justin Ellinger on:

    This shouldn’t be to hard to win might as well put those cards in my hand right now the person that wins should also get to be sponsered by ellusionist

  16. finnally i get the oppertunity to show ellusionist what im made of.. ive made many gimmiks and invented tricks,… which i will now put in the video… yess… arcane…

  17. I’m love ellusionist! im i but scared of the streets but im getting ready. i already have three AMAZING tricks lined up

  18. I’m a guy from Denmatk, and me and a few freinds of mine are going to make a video one of the following days. All of us has the Aracane deck.. 😀

  19. illya gibbons on:

    holy crap those cards are like the best ‘\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿

  20. That is AWSOME!!! :)

  21. This is a cool contest but how old do you need to be to enter

  22. Do we need to use arcane deck only… Could you please change it to ordinary bicycle deck or ghost deck…. please!!

  23. My first thought was “I don’t have any arcane decks! GAH!”
    My second thought was “Hey, this is a great excuse to buy some…”
    My third thought was “Thats probably what they want me to do though.”
    And then I bought some. I’m still waiting for them, and this will be my first time on the streets. I hope I can do this without having a heart attack.

  24. Just when I see this contest I spend all my money on tally ho’s!
    But lucky me, for I persuaded my mum to get an arcane deck.
    Only one though, so I picked the white deck.

    Just waiting for it to arrive…

  25. Guy Richardson on:

    i love the arcanes and i have some great ideas for the gaff deck !

  26. I am a self taught magician, and I have never had anyone to compare myself to before. However, after poring over this site and watching other videos, I certainly feel good going into this contest with quite an arsenal of original tricks. I already have my performance down….

  27. black diamond on:

    if we use arcane, the spectators could be suspicious because the image of arcane is very exotic. im suggesting to make a contest using only the box of ordinary deck.

  28. For those of you who think the contest is unfair, because you have to use Arcanes, we apologize. But we chose that because we wanted to see some creative Arcane-related presentations. There will be other contests down the road, and we’ll see ya then. Cool?

  29. Novice in training on:

    Yes i do agree with some people that i am not ready for the streets either, I mean, i still get nervous performing in front of my friends and family but this is a chance to go out and test your skills. But the people that are saying, “Oh its not fair to only use arcane decks”, well BOOHOO quit whining and just admit that you can’t scrap together the measly seven dollars (I think) that it costs. Besides they are awesome cards, or so I’ve heard. I am still waiting for mine in the mail. So just go out and try!

  30. Dudewithbadhair on:

    What happens if I uploaded a video using a rider back and ghost bicycle deck?

  31. Why do we have to use an arcane deck? I think this is just a way for us to spend money on a deck and get Bs that a random winner won the golden deck..

  32. how many decks of golden arcanes will we get?

  33. This sounds like an awesome contest! I don’t think it’s unfair to limit this to using Arcanes. We could argue “unfair” ’til the cows come home: I don’t have a video camera; I don’t have Arcanes; I don’t know someone who will shoot for me; I’m afraid of performing in front of people… Whatever the reason may be, there will always be someone who is unhappy with contest rules and always people who can’t enter for some reason or another. I’d like to be on American Idol, but I’m 32. Guess I’m over the Hill. Dang! Good luck to everyone!

  34. I think that these decks should be sold along with the white and black decks and not just in a contest.

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    […] our Gold Arcane Contest, competitors were asked to submit a video of themselves performing for an audience with either a […]

  36. izzydashizzy on:

    for all of you whining about the guidlins, of course you would have to use arcane cards. its a arcane promo! besides, you’ll be glad you got a deck of arcanes anyway.

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