Second Edition Black Ghost Deck NOW RELEASED!

April 22nd, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under Products

The second edition Black Ghost Playing Cards are going on release here in an hour and ten minutes

Don’t forget, the first 52 orders to make it through checkout WILL RECEIVE A KILLER FREE GIFT IN THEIR PARCEL

Good luck!


  1. will you have to get another item to enable to get it free and how will i order it freE PLS ANS ASAP

  2. yeh ami going to pay because im in the philippines

  3. I’m a big fan of ellusionist and have been shopping here for quite a while now, love performing street magic and performing in malls and parties. as soon as heard about this promotion of the free gift that could be either the 1st edition black ghost deck, i went crazy! had to get my hands on one of those, thats the only deck i need to complete my custom card collection. i waited for 4pm, and purchased a big order of gear and new stuff, and ofcourse the 2nd edition black ghost that required for it…. now i must wait until my package arrives tomorrow….. and see what awaits me inside the package…..

  4. Sweet! I’m guessing the killer gift will be like a daniel garcia signed deck… that would be cool:D Can’t wait till release. Good job guys

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