David Blaine getting help from Daniel Garcia?

March 21st, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under David Blaine

A little birdie has spotted Daniel Garcia on the streets of New York City along with the Mystery Man himself, David Blaine. Garcia is working with Blaine as a consultant for his upcoming special, which should be airing on ABC sometime in September. What will we see? Only time will tell. Congrats to Danny on such a cool gig!

Point of Clarification – As with most magic consultants, it is unlikely that Garcia will actually appear on-screen during Blaine’s special. In all likelihood, he is just working with Blaine on material for Blaine to perform himself.


  1. lloyd Barnes on:

    WOW! this is going to be the best yet from blaine and garcia, well i hope so. this has made my day / 2008 haha

  2. that is really cool i love both they are 2 of my favorite magicians and are both great. i cant wait to see the special with both of them

  3. Reuben Wong on:

    Daniel Garcia is already a force to be reckoned with…
    Add david blaine?

    You’ve got Daniel Blaine… or David Garcia.

    Thought there might be a Daniel David Houchin…
    but oh well.

  4. I met Garcia in NYC a few weeks ago. Such a nice guy! Even autographed one of my Fraud bills for me! I wish him nothing but goodness and blessing.s

  5. One of Daniel G’s quotes he would say to his spectators, “Good deal,good deal!!!”

  6. I wonder if David Blaine knows of Daniel’s impersonation of him on the “Daniel Garcia Project”

  7. Schweet! Daniel Garcia is the best magic creator out there, in my opinion. His tricks are sooo original and cool. I wonder if Blaine will be doing any of Danny’s signature effects or not? Either way, I can’t wait to see it.

  8. KingOfNynex2003 on:

    I hope he does some work with loops because loops would be a

    good effect to do for Blaine because he’s always been into card

    effects like that here then there he’s done who knows how many

    times now and I think he’s done the Ambitious Card a few times I

    don’t remember because it’s been years since he’s done any

    magic. but it would be interesting to see if he does some of the

    stuff that I already know like Fallen or KAOS but then again he

    kinda alredy did that by throwing a deck of cards through a window

    but technically wasn’t really KAOS maybe he’d actually do Fraud or

    Torn those are pretty good effects.

  9. i just wanna say, Daniel Garcia totally rocks, he kills all the magicians makin millions.. he just needs a sponser from coke or sumthin, but i just hope he doesnt turn out at cocky as criss angels cause he is a cocky little pretty boy in my opinion >.>
    gw daniel all the best, hope your sittin in a massive mansion with stacks of money in a year or two

  10. Good work Dan. Wish you luck. I wish you would appear on the special.

  11. Alrom Christian Ricafuente on:

    This would be nice. I am proud that Davide picked Daniel as his consultant.

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