Ellusionist art displayed on USPC floor

September 14th, 2009 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General

So, heard about a certain somethin-somethin coming out? Ellusionist General Manager Jason Brumbalow went to the U.S. Playing Card Co.’s new plant in Elfanger, Ky. to check out how the Arcanes were looking. He’ll have more on that later. For now, check out this account of what JBone saw on the press floor:

I had the distinct pleasure of spending two amazing days on the press floor at US Playing Card.

We have been knee-deep in a project of love and labor for an extremely long time and now I saw this project born on the USPC press. More on that later.

As I was mesmerized by the thousands of uncut sheets coming off of the press at 5 per second, my trance was broke by the art that had been chosen to hang on the walls.

Aside from the numerous submitted tattoos, murals, air-brushed car hoods and photo manipulations, the Masters Ace makes great framed wall cover for the boys and girls at U.S. Playing Card.


  1. intheshadows13 on:

    Will you show some pictures of the Arcane deck?

  2. rick esperado =) on:

    are those real cards?

  3. It might seem like a stupid question, but…. where can I get one of those?????

  4. Yeah, I would definitely pay for a poster sized Masters Ace and/or the Ghost Joker!!!

  5. ya, i know the joker card is its part of the ghost deck, im not exactly sure if the spades is it MIGHT be part of the ghost deck to but im nto completely sure

  6. Unused mind the joker is from the ghost deck the epic spade is from the amazing masters edition deck. One of the greatest decks i’ve owned. :)

  7. Wow… I would totaly pay for one of those… :)

  8. the art is totally awesome!!!!!!!

  9. The ace is the ace from the red masters deck, the joker is from the ghost deck. Where can u get those posters??????? i totally want one!