From overnight dream to Tuesday reality: Creator talks about Arcane design

October 23rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

It was purple with some pink and turquoise shading, meant to simulate an iridescent surface. It featured a Bicycle Rider back and a large Ace of Spades. And it landed Jason Brumbalow a job with Ellusionist.

Now, more than five years later after designing that purple Ace of Spades for the Arcane playing cards, Brumbalow is the general manager of Ellusionist. He has designed the DVD artwork for many of E’s project, starting with Stigmata. He also created the Masters ace and Shadow Masters and Vintage 1800s decks. In this podcast interview, he talked about how Arcane came to exist, from a nighttime sketch to what you’ll be able to purchase on Tuesday. He talked in depth about the artwork, the stock, the printing process and how painful it was to see copies of the deck destroyed right out of the printer.


During the podcast, you’ll hear about a sketch and a purple ace. See them here:


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  2. Where do I get a deck of THOSE cards!? The original coloring is epic!