FOUR POINTS: Snow days are bonus days you can use to better your magic

March 2nd, 2015 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Four Points

Ellusionist is a worldwide company, so we know about the different weather our customers deal with. For North Americans, snowfall has been a problem, especially in the New England area, where Boston has dealt with record amounts. On the other side of the globe, summer has hit particularly hard in Australia, marked by the second-warmest February on record.

Whether it’s extreme cold or extreme heat, what those two things have in common is that you’ll be stuck inside. And maybe that means you get a day off. Classes canceled? Boss tell you to stay home? It’s a surprise extra day that you can use to veg out or catch up on work or a TV show.

Or you could use it for your magic.

A weather-related vacay day gives you the perfect chance to level up your game, and get ready for when the weather is better. And that shared cabin fever between you and your neighbors means the community is primed for your performance. Here’s four suggestions:


Is there a move that has been bugging or stumping you? Fingers just won’t cooperate? In mystery about the mechanics? Congratulations: You’ve been given a day to figure out what’s going wrong. Start from the beginning, like you’re learning it new. Slow down and be thorough as you can. Read (or listen to) every word carefully, making sure you don’t miss a detail. If you have the moves down, but not smooth, take it slow. Granted, some moves take months of practice. But by the end of the day, you should be much further along.


You have a lot of books in your library. But how many have you read thoroughly? You may swear by Erdnase, but do you know what he has to say about the usefulness of the pass? (Did you know he’s not very fond of it?) Maybe this is a good day to dive into your library and really read something. Maybe there’s an old Dai Vernon effect you had forgotten about, or a new gem in an obscure pamphlet that you glossed over the first time. Or maybe this is the day you read Tamariz and finally learn how to use the Mnemonica stack in your Kings decks.


For others, this may be a day for business development. The Internet is usually up and running during most stay-inside types of weather events, barring dangerous emergency situations. If you’re stuck at home, it’s the perfect chance to take a moment and re-assess your situation. Are there new places you can perform? See any new gig opportunities? Any chances to network on community calendars? You just got a bonus day. It’s the perfect chance to plan more work.


The other three points are rooted in structuring yourself in order to take advantage of extra time. But maybe what you need is a day to stretch out beyond any form of structure. Snow days are best known for the magically creatively crazy projects we take on to stave off cabin fever, so why should magic be any different? Wherever you go, whatever you do to get in your creative zone, double down. Take notes, try ideas, study possibilities; create, create, create. That way, it won’t be snowstorms or rainstorms that identify your day: It’ll be a brainstorm.

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