FOUR POINTS: Important magic lessons learned in Army of 52

March 10th, 2015 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Four Points

We revolutionized the gaff deck, so of course we revolutionized the gaff deck instruction video. And what resulted in the Arcane Gaff, Ultra Gaff and the Gaff System started with Army of 52.

Featuring Justin Miller, it showed eight incredible performances and an arsenal of sleights, moves and instruction. Created to show magicians how to use our Blue and Red Bicycle Gaffs, it expanded the concept by using our Ghost deck.

Released in 2006, it’s one of our older videos, but it’s remarkable how much of it holds up today. It’s worth a rewatch for many reasons, but mainly these four:

Magic shouldn’t always be clean

Not everything has to be impromptu, and there’s power in preparation. SPECTATORS DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. All they see is the magic you want them to see. When combined with good sleight of hand, a gaff card introduces a new realm of impossibility. That’s worth figuring out how to get out of a dirty situation, or packing a few extras on you.

Sleights are meant to be versatile

Forgive us for going meta here, but Justin has used Jack Carpenter’s Impulse Change in so many different ways that we lose count. Army of 52 is where he first taught that move in an Ellusionist video, alongside Hartman’s Pop-Out Move, Marlo’s Tilt and KM move, TG Thompson’s Deck Flip and more. Even though the sleights were taught within the context of using them, the uses of each one with a normal deck of cards popped in our heads instantly.

Power of presentation

Watching JM perform is a treat, and the reactions he got while filming A52 rank among our favorite (especially the dude with the afro reacting to Doug Conn’s pip matrix). Watching his video is a master class.

Motive matters

Gaff cards are tools. We’ve written about how the use of gaff cards is a sign of either sloth or skill, and we know a lot our customers lean heavily on their skill, and are unafraid of ending dirty. But in watching Justin perform, you quickly realize that these strange things are happening for reasons, even if those reasons aren’t always known. In other words, there is a lot of thought as to how the revealed gaff cards are revealed, in order to get the most magical impact.

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