FOUR POINTS: Add holiday magic to your magic with these ideas

November 30th, 2014 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Four Points

There’s holidays, and then there’s the holidays.

Most countries have one or two days where everyone goes whole hog with celebration, but the end of November usually brings an entire month of excitement, including Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and more. The excitement changes us a bit, gets us thinking about the upcoming celebrations, gifts, decorations and more.

The holidays change us. But how do they change our magic?

Does your ambitious card routine go from being about Houdini to Santa always popping out of a chimney? Do you wear more Christmas colors to your gigs? Does your coin box get wrapped in wrapping paper with a bow? Or maybe your performance character doesn’t have room to stretch out into a holiday theme?

Granted, most of you are in the midst of a season full of gigs, so you have already considered those things. If you haven’t, though, it’s never too late. Here are four areas to consider whether a little holiday magic should be part of your magic.


The most important thing to consider is whether your performance character would even ackknowledge the holidays. If a little holiday seasoning changes up your recipe, then don’t do it. But changes range in degree. It may be as simple as swapping out your cards for a more festive design. Or maybe there’s ways to incorporate some holiday staples, such as ribbons or wrapping paper, into your routine as props. Or maybe a change to your patter is all that’s needed. Got a card to pocket routine? That fits nicely with presents appearing under trees or cookies getting eaten.

Remember to consider your audience, as well. Thinking about the guests at a party you work will save you the embarrassment of a Festivus joke falling flat.


Most workers we know work all year to land clutch end-of-year parties. It’s a time of year where businesses are celebrating successes and looking to hire entertainment. If this is isn’t something you’ve been doing, then plan for next year NOW. Take January to look around, scope out which businesses would be in the market, then spend the rest of the year making those necessary connections.


Chances are you’re going to one or two parties as a guest, not as the entertainment. Do party-goers know who you are and what you do? You should already have a stack of business cards at the ready, but it’s even more important now. Be ready to pass those cards out and get your word out. And who knows… you may get the opportunity at that party to give others a little taste of your show.


We often hear about magic being associated with Christmas even more than Halloween. This is a time where people are generally caught up in the season’s excitement. That means people are more receptive to your magic than usual. One of the points we constantly hound people about is that people are HUNGRY for magic. They crave the chance to see something that blows their minds, and that’s even more true during the holidays. Look for those opportunities to make some magic, and give a miracle.


  1. People love surprises and involvement and yes they crave the chance to see something outstanding. Be optimistic and look for chance to jump in.