Forum user: Stop making ‘mistakes’

March 21st, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

The Ellusionist Forums have resembled a class reunion lately. A lot of users who have taken a break have returned. Good to see y’all back, Halorian, zerosk8r4life, SoulGrind and others I’m likely forgetting to mention. Also, there’s some new users and a myriad of incredible posts lately. Steerpike even brought back the Theme of the Week.

One of those users is Lamont100, who — out of nowhere — posts an incredible few paragraphs about making mistakes. Specifically, he classifies his mistakes as “unwanted results,” writes them on index cards and files them away for future reference:

I have attached no emotion to it, because it is our job as artists to know the results we want, and to figure out how to produce them according to our understandings of the mechanics of our art.

Some might disagree with the obvious change of semantics, and start quoting George Carlin’s famous words about euphemisms. But LaMont’s method is entirely self-contained, so it’s not like he’s lying to himself for the sake of his feelings. Quite the opposite, actually: The “unwanted results” become a huge reference from which he can draw knowledge.

It’s posts like these that earn the Ellusionist Forum Post of the Week. Well done, Lamont100. And this is is part one of six. Can’t wait to read the rest.


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