Forum user: Revisit your beginnings

October 19th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Bored with magic? Are your knuckles thoroughly busted from trying to nail De’vo’s Insanity Ladder? Not seeing anything new that interests you? Nicholas17, an Ellusionistant Ambassador on the forums, suggests digging up the video or trick that got you interested in magic for the first time. When you watch or read those materials — even things you think you have mastered — you can still learn a lot, he writes in this thread:

I think we tend to blow problems far out of proportion when it comes to magic. If you aren’t feeling the best about what you do, take a second to step back to the time when you were starting. If you can get back into what you were thinking then; what motivated you to start or continue magic, you will remember why it’s so important to you.

His post is the Ellusionist Forum Post of the Week. Congrats, Nicholas!

Every day, even holidays, magicians from around the world fill up the forum with incredible education that can help you perform better. If you are not checking it daily, you are missing out.

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